Stamped Concrete Driveways and Stamped Concrete Services Gold Coast

Stamped Concrete has a unique look and are often mistaken for Stencil Concrete and Covercrete products which still provide a similar look to Stamped Concrete, although is not exactly the same.

When installing Stamped Concrete, we use big rubber stamps to inbed a pattern into the concrete as it's drying. Stencil Concrete uses a stencil pattern and is installed after the concrete has cured. Covercrete is simply sprayed over the cured concrete and you can also choose to add a stencil pattern to the concrete or speckle another colour/s over the top of the base colour to create some beautiful looking concrete finishes.

But if you have your mind set on Stamped Concrete, we can certainly help you out! Our professional Gold Coast based concreters are available to visit your home or business location to measure and quote your Stamped Concrete project no matter where you are located on the Gold Coast.

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